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Terms and Conditions

1. Self Storage Services and Supplies is not responsible for the loss of damage of the customer’s property. The Storage Facility requires that customers provide their own insurance coverage or personally assume all responsibility forany and all losses whatsoever. All customers must provide a lock for their own unit, which can be purchased through the Storage Facility’s website above.

2. Upon signing this contract Self Storage Services and Supplies assumes that only the Primary Contact of the account, listed above, will use the provided keypad entrance access code to enter the facility and their assigned storage unit. Should the Primary Contact distribute the keypad entrance access code to other authorized access persons, the Primary Contact will be held responsible for and vandalism, theft or unauthorized access to storage units (including the Primary Contact’s assigned unit).

3. This contract is valid for a period of 28 days and is renewable for 7-day periods, until a written, 7-day notice of termination is received by the Storage Facility. For the benefit of customers, all payments are administered weekly via pre-authorized credit card withdrawal of the equivalent weekly rent payment.

4. Failure to remove contents upon termination of the lease, or failure to make payment as outlined in this contract, gives the Storage Facility the authority to seize and hold storage contents until full payment is made. This payment includes a late fee of five dollars ($5) per day for each outstanding weekly payment not paid on time in full. After 35 days the Storage Facility has the right to dispose of storage contents and retain any and all proceeds net of disposal costs.

5. The assigned unit is for storage only. The following classes of items are strictly prohibited: flammables, explosives, weapons and ammunition; corrosive, toxic, or hazardous materials; controlled substances; batteries; food, perishables, or other waste; living or dead organisms of any kind. Using the premises as shelter or as a workspace is strictly prohibited. The use of electrical equipment such as heaters and power tools is also strictly prohibited. Any violation of this or any clauses of this contract will result in immediate termination of this contract and evacuation of the assigned unit.